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  • Healthy Fundamentals

    Healthy Fundamentals

    Straight, white teeth are the ideal components of an attractive smile. Prior to any cosmetic tooth improvements, however, are the dental fundamentals – good oral health along with strong, healthy, and evenly-shaped gums. Beautiful teeth can only sustain themselves if healthy gums support them, somewhat like how you need a solid foundation in place before

  • Have a gluten sensitivity? Read This!

    Have a gluten sensitivity? Read This!

    There’s a lot of buzz around gluten sensitivities these days, with more and more people reporting a renewed sense of well-being once they eliminate gluten from their diets. A severe form of gluten intolerance is known as celiac disease, and your dentist can sometimes play a role in detecting it even before you suspect you

  • Brushing Up On Habits

    Brushing Up On Habits

    We know we’re supposed to brush our teeth once in the morning for about two minutes, and then floss and brush again at the end of the day. But should we be brushing more frequently? It depends… Because we know that food – especially sugary sticky substances – produces acids that can lead to dental